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Physical Activity Breaks for Teams

The #1 app to help prevent sedentary-related illnesses at work.

Wakeout is an app reshaping the workplace, promoting movement and health with engaging mini workouts that your employees will love.

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US$ 5 / mo / seat (billed yearly) • Min 10 seats
30-day money-back guarantee

Only for Mac, iPad & iPhone (web coming soon)

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App of the Year Award by Apple

In 2020 Wakeout joined an elite group of apps that have reshaped trends and made significant progress in their respective fields.

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Workers are more sedentary than ever

This leads to increased burnout, stress and body aches.

Wakeout can have a huge impact on your team

feel more energized
report improved work-life balance
report increased productivity
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2000+ Fun Desk Movements & Stretches

Physical activity breaks tailored to all fitness levels, our vast library of exercises keeps your team engaged and always ready to move. Get active with mini workouts as short as 30 seconds.

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Smart AI Health Reminders

Our AI adapts to your team's habits, suggesting health breaks at the most opportune times.

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improved focus while staying active

Healthy Work Timer

The Healthy Work Timer gets your team to move periodically while helping them stay focused using the Pomodoro Method, combating the risks associated with prolonged sitting.

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healthy moments

Wellness for
Busy People

Wakeout introduces "Healthy Moments" - concise, health-boosting activities designed to enhance your team's wellbeing without disrupting their workflow.

Ranging from calming breathing exercises to quick tension-relieving stretches, posture checks, and hydration reminders, Wakeout serves as a proactive shield against stress. In just 30 seconds, we can help foster a healthier, more focused, and energized team.

Super simple team customization and management

Add your company’s logo to Wakeout, manage users, review feedback, and handle billing, all from a single, easy-to-use interface.

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An employee benefit they’ll love

Worth it!

This app helps me to be more healthy and stretch during what would otherwise be long uninterrupted hours of sedentary work.

Great working from home exercise app!

I LOVE this app! Wakeout is the perfect balance of keeping active and focusing on work. I love the mini breaks as well!

Big difference in my work motivation

I feel a rush of motivation to either keep moving or takle my work!

My fave movement app!

Love love love it. Coming from someone who sits at a desk all day and pretty sedentary, it's actually quite fun and really convenient!

Game changer

I honestly feel better, more productive at work and more energized since I’ve been using this app


This app has really relieved a lot of my neck and upper back, shoulder pain. I’m sure it was caused by stress at work.

Ready to energize your workplace?

Give your team Wakeout, the easy way to combat the ills of sedentary work.


US$5 / mo / teammate
(billed yearly)